Baby-G BGA-1030 / Casio 5133

casio-BGA-1030-1B1JF-5133Casio Baby-G BGA-1030

From Baby-G that the radio wave reception function equipped for women to act in active “Tripper (tripper)”, New model that was designed Heart liquid crystal window of the dial appeared.The heart-shaped LCD window Heart of the graphic display is lit every two seconds, to express the sense of fun seems to Baby-G. Shock structure, equipped with such as 10 water pressure, as it is tough structure with the Baby-G, the world’s six stations corresponding radio wave reception function and Tough Solar. Color line up a chic black. In addition, the case, the band is subjected to a gloss coating, yet casual, and finished with a design feel the height of the texture.World Time and LED lights, also enhanced features such as stopwatch. Is a New models that support behavioral women. · The world six stations (Japan two stations, China, the United States, United Kingdom, Germany) received the standard radio, multi-band 6 to correct time – Tough Solar

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casio-BGA-1030-1B2JF-5133 casio-BGA-1030-1B1JF-5133

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