Baby-G BGA-1300 / Casio 5321

casio-BGA-1300-4AJF-5321Casio Baby-G BGA-1300

From casual watch Baby-G for the active woman, convenient Solar radio model appeared equipped with a world time function of easy operation. One-step argument after arrival crown abroad, only adjust the second hand position to the city code that is described in the dial ring, easily equipped with a world time function that displays the time of the local. And the city on the map with a focus on the North Pole at that time printed on the dial, the city name the second hand is pointing are lined up in a straight line, it has realized an intuitive world time representation of the Baby-G unique. In addition, the 6 o’clock position small hand is linked with the hour hand. The day and night in the city selected in World Time discrimination is difficult in the analog watch, it is possible to intuitively identify. Dial-in the image of an airplane and the contrail is, to express the sense of fun seems to Baby-G. Tough Solar also features also light, such as multi-band 6 and the fluorescent lamp to receive the radio waves of the world six stations to power. The band and bezel adopts composite design that uses a resin and metal. Now look good design to the active scene it seems to Baby-G casual.

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Casio-BGA-1300-7AJF-5321 casio-BGA-1300-4AJF-5321

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