Baby-G BGA-1600 / Casio 5133

casio-BGA-1600-7B2JF-5133Casio Baby-G BGA-1600

From equipped with a radio wave reception function for women to act in active “Tripper”, the model appeared in the big case that incorporates the marine look of the design. As it is with the impact structure is waterproof function, Tough Solar powered to drive even in light, such as radio wave reception function and fluorescent light of the world six stations. Improve the visibility arranged minute hand when the face of the trend of the big case of marine look thick and large. The three-dimensional index paste the metal sheet, it has improved the texture.Coloring line up a white shine to the skin of the summer. Small window of 6 o’clock improve the utility to display the world time and timer. It combines the functionality and design, is a model that supports women. · The world six stations (Japan two stations, China, the United States, United Kingdom, Germany) received the standard radio, multi-band 6 to automatically correct the time – Tough Solar

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Other color variations of Casio Baby-G BGA-1600 Series (there may be more)

Casio-BGA-1600-7B1JF-5133 casio-BGA-1600-7B2JF-5133

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