Baby-G MSG-3200 / Casio 5145

Casio-MSG-3200C-7B2JF-5145Casio Baby-G MSG-3200

From casual watch Baby-G for the active woman, New models equipped with convenient Solar radio features appeared. Achieve high practicality that the radio wave reception of the world six stations is equipped with a multi-band 6 and Tough Solar possible. Adopt a composite band of unique and lightweight metal and resin in the band. It was arranged easy to match color in fashion. In addition, effectively placing a mirror surface on which metal looks beautiful around the dial. Rome index and phase Mari shining in Sharp, have tightened the face to cool. Six studs-tone design that has been subjected to the bezel will not give a sporty impression. It combines the functionality and design, is a model that supports behavioral women. · The world six stations (Japan two stations, China, the United States, United Kingdom, Germany) received the standard radio, multi-band 6 to automatically correct the time – Tough Solar

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casio-MSG-3200C-4BJF-5145 casio-MSG-3200C-7BJF-5145 Casio-MSG-3200C-7B2JF-5145

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