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[Live Photos] 13 Tips For Organizing Your Closet with Baby-G BGA-190BC-4B

The new school year has arrived, which means you’ve likely added dozens of new clothes to your wardrobe. But that also mean your closet has probably turned into an unorganized disaster. Don’t let the clutter build up as the school year goes on. Set aside time on a Saturday morning to get things back in order with these 13 closet organizing tips:

1. Give it a quick scan
Before you start organizing, scan your closet and pull out everything you haven’t touched in the last 12 months. Make the decision to donate, sell or store these items for later.

2. Retire items you can’t let go of
If you can’t seem to let go of those items you haven’t seen in a year, InStyle magazine suggested retiring them to labeled bins and placing them somewhere else, such as the attic.

3. Reconsider your current hangers
Buying good-quality matching hangers makes finding your clothes easier, according to Forbes. It also keeps your closet from looking chaotic and cluttered with mismatched plastic.

4. Color-code your clothes
Color-coding is a great organizational tip that keeps you from digging through your closet. If you really want to get fancy, organize your clothing by type and fabric.

5. Hang fancy apparel high
Instead of letting the tail of those fancy long dresses collect dirt, place sturdy hooks high on an empty wall to hang elegant apparel and keep it off the floor.

6. Get your drawers in order
Your dressers deserve some attention too. From top to bottom, organize the drawers in the order you get dressed, starting with underwear and socks, followed by shirts, sweaters and pants.

7. Use your shelves for accessories
Make it a habit to only use your shelving for accessories. This will keep you from throwing sweaters and blouses up there and creating unnecessary clutter. Organize your hats, small purses, scarves and gloves in labeled bins and place them on the shelves.

8. Hook your bags
Don’t throw your large bags up in the accessory bins – they’ll just take up all of the space. Instead, Real Simple magazine suggested placing durable hooks on the closet rods to hang your big purses. It’s not only for organization – it’ll keep them from slumping and losing shape.

9. Hang your belts
Avoid folding your belts in drawers and bins by hanging them. InStyle recommends creating a row of hooks on a wall in your closet specifically for your belts.

10. Showcase your jewelry
Instead of shoving your jewelry in a hidden box, showcase it on attractive accessory trays and trees. Then, place them on top of your dresser so you always have easy access.

11. Stack your shoes
Gather your shoes and place them in slim, stackable shoe boxes to create a transparent shelf in your closet.

12. Hang a mirror
Instead of running to the other side of the room to give yourself a quick look, hang a mirror right in your closet. You’ll save time and likely keep the rest of your room in order.

13. Keep a step ladder nearby
If you struggle to reach the top shelf in your closet, keep a step stool nearby. The days of reaching for your accessories and accidently pulling everything down are over.

Organizing your closet doesn’t have to take up an entire Saturday. Just set a timer on your favorite Baby-G watch and see if you can complete the chore before time runs out!

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