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[Live Photos] 4 Ways To Take The Stress Out Of Traveling with Baby-G BGD-560-1

You’re probably starting to imagine all of the warm spring and summer destinations you’ll be traveling to when winter draws to a close. However, with that excitement may come dread as you start to think about how stressful traveling can be. Instead, make traveling on your next trip a breeze with these four helpful tips.

1. Make a list 
One of the most stressful aspects of traveling can take place before you even leave for the airport: packing. Even if you plan on packing the night before, make a list of all of the important items you need so you don’t have to worry about forgetting the essentials.

2. Leave ahead of time
It’s so much better to be early than to deal with the anxiety of being right on time for a flight or bus ride. Throw on your stylish BABY-G watch, leave your house early in anticipation of traffic and other roadblocks that may put you behind schedule. According to The Washington Post, if you’re heading to the airport it’s suggested that you arrive two hours early for domestic flights and three hours early for international flights. That may seem like a lot of time, but rest assured you’ll appreciate the cushion to get through security, use the bathroom, and take a few deep breaths.

3. Stash all of your essentials in one place
There are certain essentials that you’ll need regardless of where you’re traveling to. This can include cash, your debit card, your government I.D., your keys, or your phone charger. Keep all of these necessary items in one area, whether that is the front of your backpack, the side pocket of your carry on, or an entirely separate storage bag as suggested by Buzzfeed.

4, Wear comfortable clothes
You may want to look your best when you arrive at your warm destination, but going through airport security while wearing heels isn’t ideal for most people. Wearing comfortable clothes that you can go through security easily with and sleep in will reduce your stress no matter where you’re traveling to. Need ideas? Consider wearing leggings so you don’t have to wear a belt to get through airport security. You can even try wearing slip-on shoes so you don’t have to waste time lacing up sneakers after going through the body scanner.

Traveling can be incredibly stressful, but it doesn’t have to be. Consider these helpful tips to skip the dread and keep the excitement for all of the warm places you’ll be traveling to.

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