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[Casio Vintage] A100WEPC x Pac-Man Collaboration

On July 20, Casio Computer Co., Ltd. announced the digital watch “A100WEPC” in collaboration with Namco’s (currently Bandai Namco Entertainment) arcade game “Pacman”. It will go on sale from August 21st, and the price is 12,100 yen.

The base model is the “A100”, which is a reproduction model of the digital watch “F-100” released by Casio in 1978. At that time, the F-100 was the first Casio watch to use a resin case, and became popular as a high-performance wristwatch equipped with a stopwatch, alarm, and calendar.

The collaboration model A100W EPC expresses Pac-Man’s world view with the entire watch. Pac-Man and Monsters (ghosts) are laid out in colorful dots on the face. The “ILLUMINATOR” logo printed in the center is a Pac-Man font. The game screen has been faithfully reproduced, such as the pink line at the exit of the ghost burrow.

The case is gold-plated with the motif of an arcade game housing. The upper part of the band is laser-engraved with a game scene where Pac-Man escapes from the ghost, and the lower part is laser-engraved with the appearance of chasing the ghost. The back lid features the Pac-Man logo and icon. The original package is also a special version with character icons and game score screens printed.

The case material is resin, the band material is stainless steel, the waterproof performance is waterproof for everyday life, the battery life is about 3 years (the battery used is CR1616), the size is 40.7 x 32.7 x 9.2 mm, and the weight is about 53 g. Functions include a stopwatch (1/10 second, 60 minutes total), time alarm / time signal, auto calendar, and LED light.

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