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[CASIO 2023] A168WECK-7A — Café Kitsuné Collaboration Model

Casio has collaborated with Café Kitsuné, the renowned specialty coffee retailer developed by Maison Kitsuné, a brand known for its unique and inspiring Art de Vivre (French for “Art of Living”) philosophy. The collaboration introduces a new model based on Casio’s popular A168 line of timepieces. This special edition watch incorporates the Café Kitsuné logo and fox symbol into its dial design, while the orange-colored LCD display is inspired by the iconic fox color of the brand. The buckle also features a fox symbol, and the Café Kitsuné logo is engraved on the case back.

Café Kitsuné, a specialty coffee retailer, has become a symbol of the pleasure of savoring a high-quality coffee in iconic locations. Since its establishment in 2013, Café Kitsuné has expanded to include 25 cafés worldwide, located in Tokyo, Paris, Seoul, New York City, Beijing, and Vancouver. It has garnered a dedicated following among coffee enthusiasts, achieving cult status. In 2019, Café Kitsuné further diversified its offerings by adding roasteries, bars, and restaurants to its portfolio.

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