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[G-Shock Ana-Digi] AWM-500 that Transforms Metal Texture

The global narcissism frenzy has formed! With the rapid growth of the media and the Internet, it has provided countless opportunities for self-expression and self-intoxication. Therefore, in this era, narcissism has become normal, and it is innocent. The only way to appreciate and show is to become a taste player. path of. G-SHOCK will not play the classic octagonal surface this time, it will return to the “round” point, giving AWM-500 a new metallic look! The design is so beautiful that I want to stare at it all the time, making myself super-narcissistic!

G-SHOCK watches, which are closely related to street styles, have long been the first choice for street youths to wear. Especially recent street styles incorporate strong future and functional elements, such as multi-pocket vests and trousers. The three-dimensional structure surface of the latest AWM-500 has similarities and similarities; the functional metal single product also echoes the hairline surface. In the entire functional style, it shows the refined charm of the silver watch, which is very dazzling and I love it! In addition, G-SHOCK always supports street sports. Even the metal strap emphasizes comfort. The curved design fits the wrist and is comfortable and active.

The AWM-500, which upgraded the metal case and strap for the first time this year, is based on the original design in 1989. It not only returns to the original pointer design, but also reproduces the classic arc curve. The metal parts are made of hairline and mirror. Processing, in contrast, highlights the unique texture of metal, fully showing modern technological aesthetics! The body maintains the G-SHOCK’s consistent waterproof function, and it is not a problem to wear 200 meters underwater. The environmentally friendly solar charging system converts light energy into energy with high efficiency to ensure stable operation of the watch signal reception. Even if the overall material of the watch is adjusted, the high-profile function of G-SHOCK will not change!

The most important time accuracy of the watch, by receiving the calibration signal of the “Sixth Solar Radio Wave”, the time of the watch can be adjusted in real time without environmental constraints, so that the busy life will be zero error! The AWM-500 model is equipped with world time, countdown timer, automatic calendar and other functions at the same time. It is also equipped with dual-brightness LED lighting. Tilting the wrist can light up the surface, posing a handsome and narcissistic wave!

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