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[Baby-G 2020] BA-110TM-7A and actress Arisa Uchihara

Debuted as a child, Currently acting as an actress Arisa Uchihara.
“Because it is often seen younger than the actual age, I’m happy to be told that it looks like an adult.” She said. 18 years old He told me.
What is the cute impression so far? Also pay attention to the slightly different photos!

Once you start something, you can’t stop.
During my stay home, I read a lot of books that my dad gave me. Among them, I fell in love with Koichi Hara’s short story “Ya-san”. It is a story in which the hero who lost his house and job joins various people as a disciple of the homeless “Ya-san” who is a food information store. Yah-san and the people I meet are very interesting and love their way of life! After that, I had 100 origami papers in my house, so I spent all my time making paper cranes (laughs). During this time, I broke down while watching the rerun of the drama, and I was completely absorbed in it for about 4 hours after lunch. When I was little, when I started doing it, I couldn’t stop. I am also good at practicing continuously.

Appeared in the turning point “Ultraman R/B”.
I used to be a child who can honestly say what I thought, but after I became a high school student, I started to think about various things. For some reason, I started getting acquainted with people (laughs). I was so depressed and sad that I couldn’t audition because of my lack of strength. Every time I watched a movie or drama, my dreams expanded and I felt like I wanted to play such a role. At that time, you decided to appear in “Ultraman R/B (Rube)”, and you could see your hope. When cranking up, the director asked me to push my back, “Please keep playing.” I want to continue playing until I can.

I want to improve my ability and win the role.
The other day, when I cleaned my room, I got a printout of an English lesson in middle school. I wrote “Big idol” in the “Future dream” column. I was so embarrassed that I couldn’t help myself (laughs). The work I’m doing now is that I don’t even have a chance to see the acting unless I win the role myself. I think I have to do my best if I need to be stronger than before.

You can sleep in any environment.
I’m good at relaxing, so I’m going to sleep right away. At the hair salon, my head shook, and the hairdresser worked hard to cut it while holding his head… I sleep while standing on a crowded train. When you feel stiff on your knees, I think it’s dangerous! Immediately pretending to be unknown and rebuilding (laughs). When I was practicing yoga while watching the video, I fell asleep when I thought that I heard “Let’s prepare my breath.” …By the time I noticed, the video was over. I was sleeping in the dressing room for the drama. I woke up in the voice of the staff, “Yes, I’m going to Arisa-san!”, and at the next moment I returned to the scene.

Wear model is this!
I thought that it would be very cute if I used this watch as a color scheme to wear clothes in monotone. Of course, I think it’s suitable for BABY-G’s sporty and casual clothes. I don’t have a license yet, but I want to put it in the drive when I can drive it!

BA-110 Profile / Casio Baby-G
Average Amazon Price: $120 (yes, we may earn a commission on qualifying purchases from our links to Amazon)
Year of first release: 2013
Nominations: best design, best price
The most distinctive specs:
– 100-meter water resistance (good for swimming but not for deep diving)
– World time (Displays the current time in major cities and specific areas around the world)
– Stopwatch (Measuring capacity: 23:59’59.99”; Measuring modes: Elapsed time, split time, 1st-2nd place times)
– Countdown timer (Countdown range: 24 hours)
– 5 daily alarms (The daily alarm reminds you about recurring events with an acoustic signal at the time you have set. This model has 5 independent alarms for flexible reminders of important appointments)
– LED light (A light-emitting diode (LED) is used to illuminate the watch face)
Other colors and full specs: BA-110 Wiki Page

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