Best Guide to All Baby-G Watches — composed by Experts

Baby-G 2019 – New arrivals only – Monthly update  

A summary of the latest arrivals from the world of watch products from the shock-resistant Baby-G brand. Here you will not find detailed descriptions, reviews, etc. – Only Baby-G watches, which are officially on sale [in a specific month]. If the series turned out to be colorful, we describe it in a separate publication on the blog and give a link to the text. New items may be in the global sale, and only in Japan. This is not always a new case, new color styles, other types of straps, etc. also get into the updates.


May 2019


The face of the dial in the form of a pyramidal texture is an element of style that adds its own flavor to the image of MSG-C100. Girls pay a lot of attention to the choice of style in clothes for each situation, and here the watches are no exception – this design is suitable primarily for confident and freedom-loving women. The all-metal case of the color of red gold with ion sputtering – so as not to scratch. The strap also received its unique “pattern” in the form of a “herringbone” pattern. The strap is mounted in such a way that there are no protruding parts – Casio engineers are attentive to such things.



The GLX-5600 and BLX-560 are very similar to each other – the classic square form factor, the digital display and, of course, the functionality for amateur surfers [lunar phase graph and tide sensor]. The pair meaning is clear – so that the young couple would look like one with the related bodies G-Shock and Baby-G. At the same time, the sports component does not fade into the background – sunny summer is closely connected with water sports, in particular, surfing.


April 2019



The case almost completely repeats the DW-5700, however, the dimensions here are even smaller – 44.9 × 43 × 12.9mm, just under the woman’s hand. The dial remained square, and the surface of the polyurethane [case material and strap] got a matte finish. With colors, Kasiov’s problems, as always, aren’t – black, white, pale pink and light purple are suitable for the summer season and sea leisure.


March 2019


In the case of the BAX-100, Casio designers to go a little further – the dial design was not only made in the “surfer” style, but also includes some retro elements from the 90s. At least, the Japanese themselves think so. On the other hand, some details from the “past” are still visible – wide hands with the “transparent” half, pointed hour markers and a general view of the case.




February 2019


You’d be surprised, but BA-255WLP-7A are dedicated to a small, but very bright bird with an unusual name – a blue-breasted roller. The feathers of this handsome man are painted in 14 different colors, which most distinguish their owner from other birds. It inhabits mainly in central and southern Africa and the Arabian Peninsula, and is also the national bird of Botswana. And no, friends, this species is not under threat of extinction, the Japanese just decided to choose a hero more brightly and in his honor to create a color for the clock.




In fact, we have the “dark and light side” of a compact body. A light combination with green lines does not give the watch femininity, but the uniqueness is yes. For example, schoolchildren can wear a black dark case [size and weight greatly contribute to such a target audience].


January 2019


We didn’t notice a significant difference, except for the “cosmetic” changes in favor of modernizing the design – the inscriptions became clearer, slightly improved the “jelly” [so we call transparency] of the case and changed the inscription G-Shock to Baby-G. The old school square form factor is a serious reference to the glorious past of the G-Shock and Baby-G brands [both of the “firstborn” of these areas were square]. Steel protectors not only provide additional protection for the display, but also, together with the “G” logo at the bottom of the dial, create a retro design feeling from the 90s.



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