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[Live Photos] Baby-G BGA-180BE-2B and Marine Sports

Yuki Hidaka

Yuki, a resident living in Miyazaki, participated for the second consecutive year following last year. I am dressed in a healthy high-waist bikini this year. The side is lace-up and plenty of trend feeling.

BGA-180 Profile / Casio Baby-G
Average Amazon Price: $100 (yes, we may earn a commission on qualifying purchases from our links to Amazon)
Year of first release: 2015
Nominations: best design, best size, best functions, best price
The most distinctive specs:
– 100-meter water resistance (good for swimming but not for deep diving)
– Thermometer (can measure and display the outside temperature in a range from -10 C to 60 C)
– Tide graph (tide level for specific date and time)
– Moon data (moon age of the specific date)
– Tidal Trend Indicator (Shows tidal changes over the next 12 hours)
– Counter (Keep track of a count up to 999)
– Hand shift feature (Hands move out of the way to provide an unobstructed view of digital display contents)
Other colors and full specs: BGA-180 Wiki Page

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