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[Live Photos] Baby-G DREAM PAPER Vol.10 by Thelma Aoyama

The other day Girl’s PARTY! In the very cute BABY-G one week Kohde me showing off, Aoyama Thelma’s. Such she is free paper “DREAM PAPER” that serves as the editor-in-chief, was released on April 27, to be released on the same day of the new album “PINK TEARS”!
Vol.10 theme frankly, “the next generation”. Now, anyway hot young generation of teens! So, now it works featuring the up-coming generations. Also finished in the powerful content that reflects the realistic Tokyo scene this time. And, even in this No. 10 th memorable, the collaboration page of the annual BABY-G has been posted! The model, young Girl dancer “SHIZZLE FREAK” from PARISA’s , SHANITA’s , and the hair stylist Tatty’s welcomed the American Old-school school girl image to the taken of this time visuals. Both pop BABY-G is the chemistry down pat. Distribution List of stores of DREAM PAPER here check. So immediately popular the first time to get lost, find as soon as possible!

Baby-G DREAM PAPER Vol.10 by Thelma Aoyama-1

Baby-G DREAM PAPER Vol.10 by Thelma Aoyama-2


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