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[Live Photos] Baby-G & G-Shock Presents Lovers Interview 02

Q1: When did you meet each other?

A1:It happened because my friend became friends with him. We became friends too but at first it was just friends so I am surprised that we are in a relationship now!

Q2: Why do you like him?

A2:We respect each other and we can support, cooperate and growth together.
He is a very active person and since I like active stuff I don’t get bored because he has brought me to many different places. We have many fun memories♡
He says to me that he likes me because I have my own idea and am mature^ ^
Also he likes me because I am a bit spacey lol♡

Q3: What is your recommended coordination with a BABY-G?

A3:It is of course cool looking wearing a BABY-G with a street fashion style, but I like to wear it with a fur coat or puffy outerwear to make a casual style♡

Q4: What kind of time do you want to spend together?

A4:I would like to spend time always finding fun things to do and being active! Also, I want to travel abroad with him and make a movie♪ I am going to spend time supporting his success too^ ^

Q5: What do you think about wearing something the same with your partner?

A5:I don’t usually like the pair look too much but I like wearing the same watches or accessories because it is like having a secret between us. People who spot that subtle pair looks on us might get a sense of a comfort♡

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