[Live Photos] Baby-G MSG-W200DG-4A and Designer Yokozawa Kotoha

The Ultimate Guide to All G-SHOCKs — composed by Experts

Listen to the female creators that Maybe! Is paying attention , interview plan of popular popularity.
A longing adventurer appeared with his favorite BABY-G and talked about past, present and future production activities!

In 1991, he was born in Aichi prefecture. After graduating from the high school fashion department in Nagoya city, I entered S-Mode Tokyo. After graduation, while working as an apparel company as a designer, I attend the fashion design school ‘Fuko Koen’. After retiring from the apparel company, I learned to operate the brand at the S mode AMI and started the fashion brand “kotohayokozawa” in March 2015.

I love to wear clothes from early childhood, and I was looking forward to picking the clothes of the day every day when I was in elementary school. At that time, Narumiya International’s brand was a big boom. Everyone was wearing Angel Blue and mezzo piano clothes together. I was crazy because the making was so fascinating, but it was expensive so I only bought it at a special time like birthday. There were children in the environment who can always buy such expensive things in the class, and they wanted to be more fashionable than those children. You will not lose to the wealthy (laugh). It was not brand’s clothes, but I love looking for cuddies, looking for bargains. Motivation at that time may be connected to now (laugh).
It was when I was a junior high school student who definitely wanted to aim at the world of clothing. Graduation was a local public high school, and proceeded to the place where there is only fashion department. Actually I was finding that high school HP when I was an elementary school student, I thought like a dream I wish I could go here. Of course, I was interested in other things, but I am progressing without unexpected surprise (laugh).

After entering high school I entered a vocational school, after graduation I got a job at a major apparel company. After going to work I went to school of fashion design, either though I wanted to make my own brand, but I did not know at all how to start up. In such a situation, I felt that what I was doing at a company and doing there · What I wanted to do and what I want to do is the opposite, I am suffering from working as it is. At that time, several people appeared to seniors and friends “I’m thinking of starting a brand”. While I was watching the situation of them, I started to feel like doing it as soon as I had something I wanted to do. I decided to give up if I was not good, I thought that I should work at some company, I retired from my company in a year. After that I went back to the vocational school for a year and entered the preparatory course to start the brand and studied. And in 2015 I started my own brand “kotohayokozawa”.

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