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Best Guide to All Baby-G Watches — composed by Experts

Best Guide to All G-Shock Watches — composed by Experts

[Live Photos] Baby-G MSG-W300 and Stylist Saori Koyamada

What kind of clothes will you wear with this watch this spring ?
G-MS is an active and sophisticated watch for adult women.
The stylist, Saori Koyamada, who attracts enthusiastic support from working women , taught me how to coordinate with G-MS in the spring office . Mr. Oyamada’s self-styling and makeup for casual casual dressing is likely to be incorporated soon tomorrow. The big size striped shirt was the main character. Roll up your sleeves and break down, and combine them with clean cropped pants for a relaxed yet relaxed adult atmosphere. The shirt stripes are slightly thicker and more like men’s, so the heels add femininity. This watch with luster and shine is like an accessory. Hoop earrings are also available in silver to match the silver metal. Linking your watch with the accessory creates a sense of unity.Inspired by the pink gold accented watch, the pink pants are the main character. The pink styling can be too sweet, but by fitting the white blouse neatly, you can wear it cool. The feet are python-patterned heels, casually incorporating trends.

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