[Live Photos] Baby-G MSG-W300 — New Compact G-MS Concept

The Ultimate Guide to All G-SHOCKs — composed by Experts

A new model “MSG-W300” that evolved the concept of G-MS called “Adult BABY-G” to make it easier to communicate has appeared. The biggest feature is the SS (stainless steel) case, which is 38.0mm x 34.4mm x 10.8mm, which is smaller than the “MSGW-200” already on sale.

Featuring a simple and smart design that seems to be G-MS, the femininity stands out even more by reducing the size. In addition, stud indexes and mirror-polished bezels reflect light and shine brightly, creating a gorgeous female hand.

Equipped with tough solar and radio clock (Japan and China). Combined with the index, second hand, and date display that firmly represent all times without omission, it is convenient and easy to use, and reassuring any scene. However, the super illuminator that illuminates the dial in the dark is not installed. This will be a material for comparison with MSG-W200.

The design is deployed in all 5 models. Of these, 3 models have composite band specifications that were well received by MSGW-200, and 2 models have resin band specifications. By the way, a composite band is a band that combines a high-quality metal with light weight and comfort by combining a plastic H piece with an SS H piece.


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Jean-Baptiste Grenouille
Jean-Baptiste Grenouille
1 year ago

I’m not impressed with Casio limited vision. In an international world traveller medium, and English being the global language, to released a watch with a manual only in Japanese is not smart. There are othe nationals in Japan or expat that may no be fluent in the Japanese printed script.