[Baby-G 2022] BG-169HRB-7 x Haribo Collaboration Model

BABY-G, a casual watch for active women, has collaborated with HARIBO, a popular gummy candy born in Germany. This model is based on the concept of “HARIBO”, colorful fun and playful, and incorporates the colorfulness of the popular gummy candy and gold bear series into the watch design. For the base model, select the BG-169, which is characterized by its small form. “HARIBO” Designed buttons and dials with a colorful color scheme inspired by gummy bears. The dial is printed with an iconized silhouette of the four colors of the Gold Bear series: raspberry, lemon, apple, and orange. The EL backlight is designed to form a continuous pattern when lit. The band and case have a matte skeleton design that resembles the texture of white gummies, which complements the colorful design. In addition, the play ring is printed with a gummy motif using gold, which is the theme color of the “HARIBO” Gold Bear series, and the back cover is designed with the familiar “HARIBO” character, Gold Bear and logo. The package is also a special specification designed gummy. This is a special collaboration model where you can feel the fun with a POP and cute design. HARIBO TM & © 2022 HARIBO Holding GmbH & Co. KG.

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