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[Baby-G Limited] BGA-270AQ-2A 2020 Aqua Planet Collaboration

G-SHOCK/BABY-G has been creating collaborative models with various environmental groups since the latter half of the 90’s, and continues to support them. In 2020, actress Ritsuko Tanaka will continue to support the non-profit organization “Aqua Planet,” which is the director of the coral reef conservation activities.

The theme of this model is the sea where corals live. The entire sea is represented by a blue skeleton in the image of the beautiful sea. In addition, the color of living coral is reminiscent of a coral that lives vigorously in the sea. The Aqua Planet logo and the letters “Love The Sea And The Earth” are printed on the band, and the back cover is engraved with the “Love The Sea And The Earth” symbol mark. As with the watch, the package is a special specification wearing blue x living pink.
Introducing a special model born from the spirit of protecting the beautiful sea and protecting creatures.

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