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[Baby-G Ana-Digi] BGA-275 and Mountain Scenery Inspired Band

The new “BGA-275-3AJF / 7AJF” from the BABY-G watch “BGA-275” is a new model based on a vintage- like earth tone. The lineup is available in two colors , cotton beige and forest green , to match the characteristic round shape .

Two earthy colors that are familiar to the skin and have a dull feel are perfect for town use. The forest green band and bezel are graphicized with the image of “mountain scenery”, and it seems to function as an accent for coordination.

In addition to the shock-resistant structure and 10 ATM water resistance that are the features of BABY-G, it also has a light that illuminates the dial. It is a utility book that can be used both in the city and outdoors.

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