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[Baby-G Ana-Digi] BGA-280-7A and Professional Dancer Kotori

First professional dance league At D LEAGUE 20-year-old active Dancer Kotori. Little devilishly cute Authentic looks Feeling dance.
It’s hard to imagine from there Her serious personality is also her charm! When I was 5 years old, I started being invited by my mom’s friend. My mom was strict and I was doing it very seriously. When I was in elementary school, I entered a small contest and won the championship, which made dancing fun. I think it’s because of my parents that I have now. I’m from Toyama prefecture, but the dance scene in Toyama isn’t very exciting … I’m in Tokyo now, but someday I want to make Toyama’s dance more exciting!

Watches are an accent, so I wear them every day! I also like rings and accessories, but BABY-G is like accessories, and you can enjoy various things by changing the color depending on the fashion!
If you keep your watch on, you will start to worry about the time by looking at it from time to time. I absolutely have plenty of time to act. People tend to think that they are at their own pace, but I think they are people who care about time, take care of themselves, and look closely at their surroundings. It’s a personality that always thinks about the feelings of the other person and acts … This is also the influence of parents. I really appreciate it.

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