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[Baby-G Ana-Digi] BGA-280 and Dancer duo YURINO & Anna Suda

Dance changed my life.
YURINO:The reason I started dancing was when I saw SAYAKA on TV. I was impressed that there was such a cool classmate from the same Miyazaki prefecture, and I want to dance like this too! I started learning dance. It was a really dreamy moment when I was in the same group.

Anna Suda:My mother was worried that I was a very shy child when I was young and didn’t laugh so much, and let me do various lessons. But none of them lasted long, and I started attending dance school as my last chance.

YURINO:When you look at BABY-G, you might think of the entrance ceremony or the beginning of something. I used to see my sister wearing BABY-G when I was a student, so this is my first watch! I have an image (laughs).
All of them are fashionable but have a simple design, so you can wear them anywhere and at any time to suit any outfit.

Anna Suda:What I felt when I danced while wearing this time was that it was very easy to move and that the dance looked good! When I had a large accessory on my arm, I thought it would look very cool when I rolled up the sleeves of my clothes or moved it. There aren’t many large accessories for girls, and the clock knows the time, so two birds with one stone (laughs).

YURINO:BABY-G has a lot of color variations and may suit various genres of dance. I feel that a watch with a black or chic color gives an edgy impression just by wearing it.
It’s comfortable to wear, and when you wear it and dance, it feels like a part of your body, which gives you confidence.

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