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[Live Photos] Casio WSD-F30-WE and Blue Mountains

This WSD-F30-WE is a variation of the existing model “WSD-F30”. With the misty white around the case and the deep navy inside the bezel, the fantastic natural phenomenon “Haruga Sumi” on the blue mountains was expressed.

Functionally, it is based on the base model WSD-F30 . Employs a relatively small case size and is durable in compliance with the US military procurement standard “MIL-STD-810G”. The operating system is Google Wear OS with built-in GPS. Offline color maps work with location information, even without Bluetooth integration with the smartphone. The display has a two-layer structure, and if only the monochrome layer that displays information such as date and time, air pressure, altitude, and azimuth is displayed digitally only (Extended mode), the driving time can be extended to about one month. As a smartwatch, the drive time is long and can be used for up to three days of activity on a single charge.

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