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[G-Shock 2021] China Dragon DBR Series with orange Accents

G-Shock China revealed the GA-110DBR-7APFL on a social media campaign featuring singer Liu Yuxin, the first female ambassador for G-Shock. This dragon-inspired model features an all-white bezel with a full red dial. A promo video for the watch is available below.

Also expected in this China Dragon series is a new GA-700 model with a red bezel and band and turquoise dial. It’s not yet known if the series will be released outside of China.

G-Shock China also announced the GA-900DBR-3APFL with a poster and video featuring actor and G-Shock spokesperson Wang Yibo. This model has a green bezel and band with yellow accents and a red dial. Tmall has more information and photos for the GA-700DBR-4APFL.

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