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[G-Shock Limited] Chinese Folklore and Singaporean Artist Jahan Loh

Singaporean artist Jahan Loh has reunited with G-SHOCK for another collaboration, this time in celebration of the Five Tiger Generals from the Chinese folklore and work of literature Romance of the Three Kingdoms from the 14th century.

The collection consists of five different editions — two GA-110, two GW-B5600 and a GX-56 — one for each of the generals, which themselves are each acquainted with the five constant virtues of Confucianism as well as the five elements. Guang Gong and wood are represented by a cyan GA-110, while the other GA-110 comes in bright red to symbolize Huang Zhong and the element of fire. Mengqi and gold take the form of a black and gold GW-B5600, with another identical model dressed in a contrasting white as a nod to Zhao Zilong and earth. Rounding off the series is a solid blue GX-56, emblematic of Zhang Fei Bao and water.

Now available under G-SHOCK China, Jahan Loh’s latest collaborative collection is expected to release soon in the rest of Asia, and possibly other regions too.

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