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[Live Photos] Why do you choose Baby-G BGA-240-4A with ANEL SALEADO

The BGA-240-4A, which is available in multiple colors of sporty design is garnering attention as a necessity for fashion-conscious female skaters.

Starting as mere hobbies a few years ago, photography and skateboarding now play a big part in Anel’s life. From skating with her boyfriend to taking pictures with friends, Anel’s days are filled with several fun activities. As a result, she favors a more casual style comprising of a t-shirt and black jeans and sneakers she can skate in. But that doesn’t stop her from adding a little style – she never leaves the house without her pink BGA-240-4A.

The perfect choice for Anel for its high wearability, the BGA-240-4A adds a pop of color to her boyish style and has received praise from her skating friends. Featuring a protector on the inside of the band, this model offers a fit so comfortable you’ll forget you’re wearing it even during high-intensity exercise. Its shock resistant structure also offers peace of mind when skating around Los Angeles.

“It’s so convenient wearing a watch. I use it when I skate, also when I take photos and go to concerts. The face is easy to read, and it has a great design and great functions. I’ve recommended it to my friends,” she says. This BABY-G is one piece that stands out on Anel’s wrist as she carries her skateboard around town.

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