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[G-Shock 2021] City Camouflage — The theme of urban outdoor

From Casio Computer’s shock-resistant watch “G-SHOCK”, the “City Camouflage” series with the theme of urban outdoor, which combines the city and the outdoors, will appear. A lineup of all five models, all released in February, starting at 15,950 yen (all tax included below).

Each model uses black as the base color and has orange and blue accents to express the neon lights of the city. The standard square model “GW-B5600CT” (23,100 yen) is designed with a monochrome camouflage pattern on the solar panel.

The square model “GW-B5600CT” supports the mobile link function that works with smartphones via Bluetooth. With the dedicated app, you can easily set the world time by selecting it from the map of the app, switch the home time and world time, search for a smartphone, and automatically adjust the time.

The small digital and analog combination model “AWG-M100SCT” (26,400 yen) and the “GAW-100CT” (27,500 yen), which features a powerful big case, have an orange and blue color scheme and a monochrome camouflage pattern on the dial. Summarized. The rugged form of the “GA-140CT” (15,950 yen) and the dynamic style of the “GA-700CT” (17,050 yen) have a metallic camouflage pattern on the dial.

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