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[G-Shock Ana-Digi] Mother Nature With the Mystic Forest Series

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G-SHOCK is embracing Mother Nature in all its essence and grace with the all-new Mystic Forest series. Unveiling the latest collection of four mixed-color molded bezels, featuring green and brown camouflage patterns, the dark earthy tones evoke the vegetation and trees of that of a dense forest. Mixing the molded process with these models creates a unique texture that makes each of these watches have their very own flare and substance.

The hybrid analog-digital Mystic Forest series timepieces feature a compact and lightweight Carbon Core Guard case structure, taking on the thin, tech-forward look of the GA-2200 models. Pairing two colors of resin, the green mix-molded bezel/band (GA-2100FR-3A) and brown mix-molded bezel/band (GA-2100FR-5A) comes along with an octagonal, slimmer shape at 45.4 millimeters wide, 11.8 mm thick, and 51 grams. While the more circular-shaped green mix-molded bezel/band with its inverted green-tinted LCD display (GA-2200MFR-3A) and brown mix-molded bezel/band with its inverted LCD display (GA-2200MFR-5A) are wider at 47.1 mm wide, 13.1 mm thick, and 57 grams. Both models have an approx. 3-year battery life.

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