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[Baby-G Ana-Digi] MSG-S500G-3A with Artist Meyrin

Once you hear it, from your ears Addictive With the truck With light bleached hair The bright red lip Icon ZOMBIE-CHANG Meyrin.
In the summer of 2020 Album for the first time in 2 years “TAKE ME AWAY FROM TOKYO” Has been released. Live energetically As a model Many steps to draw Interview with her!

Because my songs are often said to be a little strange, I think it is necessary to have a firm image of “ZOMBIE-CHANG is like this!” And to be recognized. There was a time when I avoided working as a model, but I think it’s important to get to know me now, so I’m having fun doing it. I think that if the awareness rises, I can play music more freely.
When I’m a model, I don’t create, so I’m living under the name of Meyrin, and the ones that my creations add are ZOMBIE-CHANG. There is a support member, there is PA, and various people can get involved in the live performance. That’s why ZOMBIE-CHANG isn’t really a solo. On the other hand, track making is a struggle against myself to make better works than the old sound sources. In the end, I’m thinking that I’d like to focus on providing music as a track maker rather than coming forward, but maybe a month later I’m saying something different (laughs).

After all, a wristwatch is fine. When I try to see the time on my smartphone, I get a notification and I can’t concentrate. This watch is simple and looks good on everyone. Since the metal part has an intellectual atmosphere, I would like to match it with glasses.

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