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[G-SHOCK Lookbook] DW-5000C and 1.9 million color combinations

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Attention is focused on “MY G-SHOCK,” a project where you can create G-SHOCK with your favorite colors. Based on the standard 5600 type, the color scheme of the dial, bezel, belt, belt loop, and buckle can be decided as you like, and the total number of combinations is over 1.9 million. This time, Matenro’s Antony challenges the project. Anthony, who distributes sneaker collections, shop tours and highly sensitive content on his YouTube channel, has been a longtime user of G-SHOCK from the current model to the past model. What color does he combine with the aim of being unique?

The first model “DW-5000C”, which symbolizes the identity of the brand, features a simple dial surrounded by a square bezel and a design reminiscent of durable tires. In “MY G-SHOCK”, you can customize the color scheme of the dial, bezel, belt, belt loop, and buckle to your liking based on the standard model “DWE-5610” that inherits the genealogy.

“It’s a really fun and difficult subject. There are countless possibilities, and you can change the color of the top and bottom of the belt … You can make two with linked coloring like a pair watch and give it as a gift. This is a faint in agony. I’m sorry, but today’s shooting seems to be a little pushed. Or can I buy all of it !? (laughs) “

You are free to express your originality in any direction. Mr. Antony who starts the image from the outline, one with a claim or one with a casual commitment.

“I’m wondering whether to attack with a color that is a point or to put it in a color that is easy to use to match any clothes. But I don’t want to be considered a boring guy … Is it an attack today?”

Because he is familiar with , which has released a variety of limited models and collaborations, Antony, who is aiming for an unseen one, is having a difficult time.

“There are four types of dials alone, so the impression is quite different. Since I got the” First G-SHOCK “when I was in elementary school, I’ve been buying about 15 of them. I like red and yellow. However, if you use red as a base, you will be drawn to the image of a collaboration model with Evangelion that appeared in the past … It’s annoying. There are many people who are doing it, and it seems that Mr. Tamura of Kirin also has it at the collector level, so today I want to make one that will not be worn by anyone while making the best use of yellow. “

Antony matched today’s plain clothes with a model that imagined a snowy mountain that is perfect for winter sports. I’m using it as a book that I’m addicted to any styling. The other one that I kept in my bag is a collaboration model with , which has an impressive red and yellow color scheme, which is my favorite color.


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