Best Guide to All G-Shock Watches — composed by Experts

[G-SHOCK 2022] DW-5000SS, GM-5600SS and others — Street Spirit Series

Casio Computer Co., Ltd. will release 5 models of the “STREET SPIRIT” series in September as a new work of the watch brand “G-SHOCK”, which incorporates street culture graffiti art in the body color. Prices range from 24,200 yen to 38,500 yen.

It is characterized by incorporating the image of graffiti art, which is a street culture, into the entire wristwatch by making full use of techniques such as molding colors, stamps and engravings, and multi-angle printing.

“DW-5000SS-1JR” (26,400 yen) is a monotone base, expressing graffiti fonts with black and silver multi-angle prints. It also has brick-patterned unevenness. The base is a clear gray color.

“GA-110SS-1AJR” (24,200 yen) expresses a graffiti design that combines decorative letters with a multi-angle print of purple, black, and white. The white-based case uses galar molding that creates a marble pattern by mixing resins of different colors.

“GX-56SS-1JR” (28,600 yen) uses colorful graffiti to make the most of its big size. A pattern that includes a gradation from saxophone blue to green is expressed in four-color multi-angle prints. The case and band are made of Galar molding with a stone-like texture.

“GM-5600SS-1JR” (34,100 yen) reproduces graffiti spray expression. The metal bezel repeats masking and IP processing, and has a novel design in which blue and gold splash patterns overlap, and the letter plate glass printing is also unified with the same pattern. Metallic paint and inkjet printing are used for the band, and the unique paint feeling of spray like shutter art is designed.

“GM-2100SS-1AJR” (38,500 yen) is laid out to cover the bezel, lettering, and band with an impactful design. The metal bezel is masked on a gray base and processed by overlapping blue IP and black IP. The dial is blended with transparent color ink, and the hour and minute hands are coated with blue phosphorescent paint. The band uses light-collecting resin with fluorescent paint. Multi-angle print in blue, black, and white and screen print in lime green for a glossy finish.

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