[G-SHOCK 2023] DW-5040 and GMW-B5000 — Recrystallized Series

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If you fancy a visually compelling timepiece that is as tough as it looks, look no further than the new G-SHOCK 40th Anniversary Model: Recrystallized Series, which will be launched on May 12, 2023.

To fete the 40th anniversary of the G-SHOCK brand, CASIO has launched an eye-catching collection that features unique cases, packs useful high-tech functions and arrives in eco-friendly packaging. We can’t stop staring at the gorgeous recrystallized steel cases of the GMW-B5000PS and GMW-B5000PG that have been made tougher via a deep-layer hardening process, which involves infusing gas into the surface of steel. This technique confers these cases with three times the hardness of ordinary stainless steel, along with a unique crystalline grain appearance.

Measuring 49.3mm by 43.2mm by 13.0mm and weighing approximately 167g each, the cases of the GMW-B5000PS and GMW-B5000PG are based on the full-metal GMW-B5000D, which was made in the iconic shape of the DW-5000C. As you might be aware, the DW-5000C was the original CASIO G-SHOCK of 1983. This historic milestone is commemorated by the inscription “SINCE 1983” on the dial, a star on the mode button on the lower left side of the case, and the 40th anniversary logo on the case back.

CASIO has also unveiled the DW-5040PG, which also sports metal components that have undergone deep-layer hardening, complemented by a bezel and band that are fashioned from biomass plastics. The words “PROJECT TEAM ‘Tough’” are inscribed on its classic G-SHOCK dial, which is the name of the team that developed the DW-5000C of 1983.

In terms of tech, these utilitarian devices have a one-hundredth of a second stopwatch function, can display five world times selected from 39 cities, display their city names, and the user can effortlessly toggle between home time and world time. Its wearer can also choose from many languages, set multiple alarms, locate this watch via the dedicated CASIO Watches smartphone app’s phone finder. In true G-SHOCK fashion, this horological icon has a full auto LED backlight with Super Illuminator and afterglow. Furthermore, these modern G-SHOCK timepieces tap on Bluetooth® and radio control to ensure high chronometric accuracy.

Last but certainly not least, check out the cool packaging of these watches. The 40th anniversary edition G-SHOCKs arrive in eco-friendly packaging that reflect the distressed appearance of the deep-layer hardened steel components.

“There are two types of packaging available this time, which are designed to please our fans,” shares a marketing representative of R&D CASIO. “Considering users’ values, the packaging is eco-friendly. From a design perspective, we created a unique design that associates with toughness, resembling concrete for high-end customers, and a simple and recognizable G-SHOCK G for entry model customers. We also included (prominent artist and designer) Eric Haze’s 40th-anniversary logo on the outer box to add a special touch. From an eco-friendly perspective, the inner box for high-end customers uses discarded plastic, including some from Yamagata Factory, while the one for entry model customers uses recycled paper. Both outer boxes use recycled paper and vegetable oil ink.”

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