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[G-Shock Limited] DW-5600 and DW-6900 x SUBCREW Collaboration

G-SHOCK×SUBCREW× STEVE CABALLERO is a three-party joint name, taking the opportunity of skateboarding to join the Olympic Games, Roll Out joint gift box and limited set.
Two popular models, DW-5600SSC20-1PRSSS and DW-6900SBC20-2PRSSS, are selected. The red and blue stripes are specially designed to echo the dolls. They are all from Steve Caballero’s classic red and blue stripes. He was born in the year of the dragon and added the Chinese dragon. The doll design allows the doll to become a dragon.
DW-5600SSC20-1PRSSS ring, backlight is “CABALLERO DRAGON”, and the dial has the logo of CAB and Subcrew. The navy blue color matching DW-6900SBC20-2PRSSS has the word “submersible” on the ring, which is also used for dial backlighting.
The three parties jointly create a trendy and boundless joint gift box, demonstrating the tenacity and continuous breakthrough. Trend players, are you ready?

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