[G-SHOCK 2023] DW-5600 x Oshiba Yuhao Taiwan Limited Rabbit Edition

The Ultimate Guide to All G-SHOCKs — composed by Experts

Based on G-SHOCK’s classic octagonal case DW-5600, the
design concept combines Haoge’s representative work “Hundred Cats” with the homophonic creativity
of “Year of the Rabbit” to create a unique “Year of the Cat and Rabbit” design.
The upper part of the strap is printed with a cat wearing a rabbit mask and the word “Mao” which symbolizes the Year of the Rabbit,
while the lower part of the strap is printed with the designer’s personal signature and an egret flying high.
In addition to the concept of the Lunar New Year, it also combines many local elements in Taiwan,
such as: Taiwan’s migratory bird egret, special food Braised Pork Rice (watch box and glass) and Yushan Ice (red envelope).
The overall design is full of various Taiwanese flavors.

Taiwan’s well-known local tattoo artist JUSTICE INK (Justice Tattoo) director Hao Ge, likes ukiyo-e and monster themes, and brings his own style of configuration and painting into his own style. He anthropomorphizes various animals and adds human touch as the basis of his creations. The vivid depiction of the cat has been well received by the majority of tattoo lovers.
In recent years, in addition to continuing to expand the world of his well-known work “Hundred Cats”, he has also devoted himself to the development of local sub-culture, and has cooperated and exhibited with Taiwanese, European, American, and Japanese brands many times, such as clothing, small household items, and even soft rubber toys…etc. traces of it can be seen.

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