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[G-Shock 2021] DW-5600DA-4 and others — Daruma doll style

G-SHOCK launched three new Dharma tumbler themed watches, continue to pursue tenacity in the evolution, bless your wrist luck, and wish you new success!

Both DW-6900DA-4DR and DW-5600DA-4DR are red models, equipped with “G” shape and Dharma tumbler facial image backlight respectively, and their facial elements are also re-engraved on the dial. GA-100DA-4ADR is designed with a red head and a black strap. The dial uses the red, black and gold colors of the Dharma tumbler, which presents the image of the Dharma tumbler as a whole.

A sketch of the Daruma tumbler is printed on the ring of the watch, and the details are also given good meaning. Equipped with the same gift box, built-in wish card to show sincerity. The image of the Daruma tumbler was designed by the Tokyo street art brand BlackEyePatch, using an American street style that blends Japanese culture to convey the NEVER GIVE UP spirit shared by both.

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