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[G-Shock Limited] DW-5600E x Kousuke Kawamura for BEAMS

BEAMS T and Casio G-SHOCK have signed on Japanese artist Kousuke Kawamura for a bold iteration of the DW 5600-E.

The watch sports mostly a sleek black body, featuring a bold print of one of Kawamura’s most notable works. Contrasted against the watch’s black rubber construction, the face of the watch features a monochromatic collage-like motif of George Washington’s portrait on the American dollar bill. The graphic frames the watch’s digital clock, while the watch’s back metal case is engraved with “BEAMS T” and “CASIO” branding as well as Kosuke Kawamura’s signature. As a bonus, the watch comes with a collectible case that comes in the shape of a tall stack of one-dollar bills.

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