[G-SHOCK 2023] DW-5600IN4M234 x IN4MATION Collaboration

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Introducing the DW5600IN4M234, a collaboration between G-SHOCK and IN4MATION that celebrates their milestone anniversaries. This vibrant timepiece combines IN4MATION’s unique artistic expression with G-SHOCK’s innovative design.

To commemorate G-SHOCK’s 40th anniversary and IN4MATION’s 20th anniversary, the inspiration for the “Mosh Pit” theme came from a mash-up of their highly regarded collaborations, including the Sea Foam, Salmon, and Purple Rain colorways. The result is a reimagined model that brings together the iconic DW5600 design with IN4MATION’s bold color palette.

Built on the iconic square DW5600 silhouette, the DW5600IN4M234 serves as a canvas for IN4MATION’s artistic expression. Paying homage to the brand’s heritage, the classic “hi” symbol appears when the backlight is activated. Additionally, the IN4MATION logo can be found on the back case and band, symbolizing the shared creativity of this collaboration.

More than 15 years ago, IN4MATION, deeply rooted in Hawaiian surf culture, joined forces with G-SHOCK’s commitment to durability and innovation. This unique partnership continues to resonate with streetwear enthusiasts worldwide today.

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