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[G-Shock Limited] DW-5600SKGT6-1 for Taipei Store by Zhou Jian

To celebrate the anniversary of G-SHOCK STORE, TAIPEI, Taiwan Casio specially invited Taiwan’s emerging trend illustrator Zhou Jian’an CA CHOU to launch the anniversary joint watch DW-5600SKGT6. The DW-5600SKGT6 full watch is based on a gray transparent texture, combined with Zhou Jian’an’s unique world view, and is fully loaded with the “Cyberpunk” design style. The lower strap is printed with a mechanical arm, and the upper strap is thermally sensitive. The silhouette of the human body is a symbol, which outlines Zhou Jianan’s unique world view of the watch as a token.

Realistic projection of the world view of science and technology
Hope to remain fearless and face the world
The G-SHOCK STORE, TAIPEI anniversary co-branded watch specially invited illustrator Zhou Jian’an CA CHOU to participate in the grand event. The DW-5600SK is the base model, and the gray transparent appearance and silver mirror dial of the whole watch are full of cyberspace. Punk’s world view of science and technology. Zhou Jianan uses his style of painting that emphasizes lines and details. On the lower strap, he draws a mechanical arm that symbolizes the young generation’s efforts to grasp their dreams. The upper strap uses a thermally-sensitive human silhouette to symbolize every young person in this generation. , The back of the case is engraved with the CA CHOU logo of Zhou Jian’an. And Zhou Jian’an, who is good at character creation, also extends the overall world view and design to the appearance of the watch box. The side of the watch box is filled with the image of future youth who is not afraid of the world in his heart. With the setting of G-SHOCK in his mind, it is full of technological sense. Converted into a mechanical structure, and painted with the number 6 symbolizing Taipei 101 and celebrating the anniversary of G-SHOCK STORE and TAIPEI.

Zhou Jianan said: “G-SHOCK has always been a product with a strong sense of technology for me. When drawing this joint work, I intuitively created a new worldview, a world where technology is free and government-free. Watches As a token of communication and communication, a group of young people who have unique personalities and ideas despite not being dominant have gathered together. They are not afraid of the eyes of others and have the courage to pursue dreams. And this worldview reflects my reality. A few years ago Created the personal brand CA CHOU, put aside the routine work and devoted himself to the creative field, so that my life has many challenges, ideals and reality are always see-saw, so I hope I can be like those young people and G-SHOCK, not afraid of the world , Keep your unique self.” DW-5600SKGT6 is functionally equipped with G-SHOCK’s proud impact-resistant structure, waterproof 200 meters… and other powerful designs, and provides multiple functions such as chronograph, countdown timer and alarm… .

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