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[G-SHOCK Limited] DW-6900AL22-1 —  S.E.A. EXCLUSIVE Model – AGAINST LAB

This is the first time Casio collaborate with fashion brand Against Lab in launching a limited-edition G-SHOCK DW-6900AL22 in S.E.A area.

DW-6900 was released in 1995, which was the first G-SHOCK to feature an EL backlight. The backlight’s ability to display text or a symbol became a popular feature. Also, the series won fans as a “Triple Graph” model and has remained just as popular to this day. In terms of specification, the watch is shock-resistant and has 200-meter water resistance.

Taking inspiration from the superhuman mental toughness of folks who wake up and ride their motorcycle to work, enduring the heat, rain, and occasional road bullies. This collaboration embodies the ultimate Malaysian spirit – The Grind. Anytime is the right time to grind.

Motorcycle culture is one of many strong identities of Malaysian society. The motorcyclist spirit reflects the ethos of G-shock, both built by toughness. Almost every Malaysian has their own experience with a motorcycle – Meant to be cheap, easy to maintain, reliable. A small motorcycle is used as a tool for conducting business. Name any task, and it has probably done it.

The design language of motorcycle components is adopted as the main design element for this collaboration. The overall look is matte black and packed with subtle details. The unique elements are the custom AGAINST tire tread graphic and the brand slogan “ALL ENDEAVOUR, NO SURRENDER”, both printed on the watchband.

DW-6900 Profile / Casio G-Shock
Average Amazon Price: $60 (yes, we may earn a commission on qualifying purchases from our links to Amazon). Check the Price on Amazon →
Year of first release: 1995
Best for: Top in G-Shock Lookbooks
Lineup: STANDART DIGITAL (This Line includes Digital G-Shocks that are the best in “price/quality” category. Usually have traditional digital functions.) All G-Shock Standart Digital Watches →
Nominations: best design, best price, best size, best classic
The most distinctive specs:
200-meter water resistance (good for swimming but not for deep diving)
Triple Graph Display (characterized by three round digital indicators on the dial)
Other colors and full specs: DW-6900 Wiki Page
Only Limited Editions: DW-6900 Limited Editions

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