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[G-SHOCK 2022] DW-B5600 — Cheap Square Classic with Bluetooth

September’s parade of novelties continues – the DW-B5600 will go on sale very soon. As you already understood from the indexes, we have before us another representative of the cult square classic G-SHOCK, but with the prefix “B” – which means Bluetooth synchronization is on board. The Japanese are directly talking about the continuity from the DW-5000C [the first ever G-SHOCKs], thus the manufacturer wants to remind the audience about the upcoming 40th anniversary of the shockproof brand [in 2023].

Of course, the DW-B5600 is an inexpensive and at the same time a modern alternative to the “oldies” DW-5600. Bluetooth has long been in vogue, and here is the legendary square form factor, plus a relatively low price tag [$115 – $120]. It will be difficult to remove the DW-5600 from the pedestal of popularity, and Casio is unlikely to set such a task – more series means more choice.

Unlike the GW-B5600, there is no solar power here, but a regular 3-year battery costs. The decision seemed to be understandable – it was necessary to do something in between the DW-5600 and GW-B5600, I had to sacrifice the “sun”. There are other equally important differences from the younger model – the presence of world time [imagine, the DW-5600 does not have such a function], 5 separate alarm clocks [instead of one], LED backlighting [instead of electroluminescent], the ability to turn off the sound of buttons and a customizable date format. The case dimensions are identical – 48.9 x 42.8 x 13.4 mm.

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