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[G-SHOCK 2023] DW-H5600 — Take Charge of Your Fitness Goals

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G-SHOCK’s DW-H5600 series is aimed squarely at fitness enthusiasts looking to track and monitor performance data during intensive training and dynamic activity. The all-new DW-H5600-1 and DW-H5600-2 models now live among the prolific watchmaker’s G-SQUAD (G-SHOCK MOVE) lineup, a series of sports watches equipped with a slew of health and fitness tracking capabilities. The range debuts five new iterations, including a black model with a metal bezel and a 40th-anniversary model featuring an additional case and band. The H5600-1 and H5600-2 showcase the brand’s signature square case in black and muted teal, with the band, case and bezel designed from bio-based resins.

The H5600 watches find a sweet spot in the G-SQUAD family as a stylish, wearable watch — lighter and slimmer than the GBD-H2000, weighing 59g — and one of G-SHOCK’s most advanced watches. If you’re a fan of the DW-5000C (G-SHOCK’s first-ever watch released in 1983), the H5600 range delivers on both retro design and performance by incorporating a revamped optical sensor. By integrating key wellness trackers and data analysis — using Bluetooth and the Polar™ library — the H5600 watches usher in rugged, no-frills dependability with modern specs catered to the fitness set.

The aforementioned Polar™ integration utilizes a specialized algorithm, producing post-sleep and workout recovery analysis and guided breathing exercises aiding in consistent sleep health. The iconic face is trimmed down to 51.1mm in length and 44.5mm in width, making the model significantly more suitable for consistent wear during the night. Those looking to set performance goals, track sleep patterns or simply keep an eye on daily calories burned are equipped with ample data, including cardio load, heart rate, blood oxygen levels and specific stats like stride and speed when running. You can expect to see daily steps and sleep stages recorded as well.

The key resin components of the DW-H5600-1 and DW-H5600-2 are understated, matte colorways in black and teal. The bezel and strap are crafted from bio-based resin, with the inner case made from bio-based carbon fiber-reinforced resin. The watch accommodates USB and solar charging capabilities, and the power-saving feature ensures the display sleeps when idle in dark environments. It has a high-definition Memory in Pixel (MIP) LCD — the top layer of which is protected by mineral glass crystal — while the caseback is fashioned with stainless steel and the addition of a multi-function, optical sensor embedded in its center. Bluetooth connectivity facilitates automatic time synchronization, notification alerts and seamless user configuration. It’s worth noting that the watch does not feature a built-in GPS; it relies on your Smartphone’s location tracking accessed through Casio’s Smartphone app. Other standard features include shock resistance, 200-meter water resistance, world time in 38 zones, auto summer time, moon time, a Super Illuminator LED, a 1-second stopwatch and four daily alarms.

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