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[G-Shock Square] DWE-5600CC-3PR — The circuit board camouflage

G-SHOCK 5600 has a new product in the classic series, and innovatively launches the interchangeable watch DWE-5600CC-3PR.
The 2 types of watch cases and 3 types of straps can be replaced at will to meet multiple wearing styles. The green circuit camouflage case looks like a jungle camouflage helmet, with a defense value of MAX, which is more hidden when paired with the same strap. The black matte case follows the classic trend, and the strap of the same color traces the beginning of G-SHOCK’s toughness. The reflective woven strap is low-key and avant-garde printed with black and white circuit patterns, matched with circuit camouflage or black matte case, harmonious and versatile.

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