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[G-SHOCK LIMITED] DWE-5610FA x FACETASM Customization Parts

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From “MY G-SHOCK”, a customization service that allows you to create your own , a collaboration model with is now available. This work is printed with the geometric motif used in this season’s collection. You can freely combine the three colors of smoke blue, lime yellow, and white. What did designer Hiroshi Ochiai think about when completing this design? While exploring the secret story of the production, we asked them to actually challenge “MY G-SHOCK”. What kind of item was created?

“MY G-SHOCK” that allows you to customize with your favorite coloring. Based on the standard model “DWE-5610” that inherits the genealogy of the brand’s first machine “DW-5000C” released in 1983, the color scheme of the dial, bezel, belt, belt loop, and buckle is changed to your favorite color. It is a service that can be customized.

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