[EDIFICE 2023] ECB-2000NIS x NISMO Nissan Collaboration



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The Ultimate Guide to All EDIFICEs — composed by Experts

 Casio Computer Co., Ltd. will release “NISMO MY23 EDITION ECB-2000NIS” on April 21 as a new model of the racing watch “EDIFICE” with the design motif of “NISMO” (NISMO), which is responsible for Nissan motor sports. will be released on.

 It is a racing watch with the design of the ace car “Nissan Z No. 23” that will participate in this season’s SUPER GT (GT500) from MOTUL AUTECH.

 Based on the ECB-2000, which features a suspension-inspired design, the upper half of the dial is red and the lower half is black, just like the coloring when viewed from the side of the machine. The upper part of the dial has a graphic pattern with the letters “Z” scattered around, and the ace car number “23” is placed at the 23rd minute position of the index.

Inspired by the roofline inspired by a Japanese sword, parts of the side of the bezel are shaved off to create a sharp curve, and other elements of the machine are expressed everywhere.

 Equipped with solar charging “Tough Solar” and smartphone cooperation function. It also has a function to transfer stopwatch measurement data to a dedicated app and display lap times in units of 1/1000th of a second.


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