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Edifice 2019 — New arrivals only — Monthly update  

A summary of the latest receipts from the world of watch products of the Casio Edifice motorsports brand. Here you will not find detailed descriptions, reviews, etc. – Only Edifice watches, which officially went on sale [in a specific month]. If the series turned out to be colorful, we describe it in a separate publication on the blog and give a link to the text. New items may be in the global sale, and only in Japan. This is not always a new case, new color styles, other types of straps, etc. also get into the updates.

March 2019


In terms of design, the ECB-900 did not deviate from the concept of the Edifice brand – everything here is tied to speed and motor racing. The streamlined case with “beveled” corners, a 3D dial for sensing its “depth”, and of course, add. Windows, as on the dashboard of cars – a classic of the genre. The difference with the “colleagues in the workshop” is only in the location of the elements on the display and their shape – for example, the arcuate scale on the left side of the dial [to display the connection status to the smartphone] with the “protruding” edge and the tachymeter window in the lower right corner look a little different.


April 2019

ECB-900TR-2A и EFR-564TR-2A

February 2019

EFR-550 и EFR-570

The black case is always admirable, especially when paired with the same steel bracelet – EFV-550DC-1AV and EFV-570DC-1AV look stylish and powerful. The designers decided to highlight only hour marks and hands in a different color, we really liked the bright blue details of the EFV-570DC-1AV dial – it creates the effect of a neon glow.


January 2019

EFR-556, EFR-559, EFR-564

Base black always looks spectacular, despite its simplicity. Considering the Edifice car concept, black color adds to the men’s watch solidity and a high-cost feeling. The main feature on which Kasiovs focus our attention is a complete ionic coating [from scratches] of the case, bracelet and bezel. Such a solution, although you can not call it a panacea for all ills, but you will not see small scratches and scuffs for a long time. The ash-gray trinity got the same protection.

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