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[Live Photos] Edifice EF-126D-1AVEF Metal Alloy

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Casio EF-126D-1AVEF is a modern and simple watch will conquer you with its restraint and elegance. Excellent choice for a serious and self-sufficient man who appreciates quality and reliability in all. The watch case is made of brushed stainless steel it has a diameter of 48 mm, which allows you to see the exact time, even a cursory glance at the clock, without dissipating unnecessary attention to the details easily.

Large and clear numbers Casio EF-126D-1AVEF, as well as extensive hands of the clock have neon shining in the dark coating. In the coal-black background of the dial clearly visible division denoting numbers, and between the mark corresponding to four and five o’clock date window is conveniently laid out.

Edifice EF-126D-1AVEF Metal Alloy-1

Edifice EF-126D-1AVEF Metal Alloy-2

Edifice EF-126D-1AVEF Metal Alloy-3


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