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[Live Photos] Edifice EFA-112D-1AVEF Classic Design

Stylish multifunction clock Casio Edifice EFA-112D-1AVEF known Japanese firms represent the most successful demonstration of how one can model combines classic design and cutting edge features.
Bracelet watch case and stainless steel are elegant and fully comply with the spirit of the traditional conception of men’s wrist watches. Embossed black dial, big numbers, and the original form of the marks make it easy and simple to navigate through time by using the data clock. A thin red tips of arrows are clearly visible at any time of the day thanks to the LED lighting and neon covering all elements.

Edifice EFA-112D-1AVEF Classic Design-1

Edifice EFA-112D-1AVEF Classic Design2

Edifice EFA-112D-1AVEF Classic Design-3


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