[Live Photos] Edifice EFR-505D-8A – Stylish Design




The Ultimate Guide to All EDIFICEs — composed by Experts

Men’s Watches Casio EFR-505D-8A – stylish design of the product is diluted with clearly sporting spirit, displayed in the analog clock face by a tandem of several grays and eye-catching contrasting highlights. Grey background matte black dial is complemented by functional windows and dark bezel, hands and digits – light gray, almost white. Despite its apparent simplicity, the model has a piquant charm, indicating that the person predpochetshy watch Casio EFR-505D-8A – loves sports and tries to free time to devote to the training exercise.

Edifice EFR-505D-8A - Stylish Design-1

Edifice EFR-505D-8A - Stylish Design-2

Edifice EFR-505D-8A - Stylish Design-3


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