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For lovers of black and leather straps, the company has prepared a special model Casio EFR-527L-1A. This model has a great design. Interesting combination of colors on the dial makes this watch is very stylish. The housing is made of stainless steel and the leather strap. In these hours of light weight, which is very convenient. There is also a stopwatch, chronograph, date display.

Edifice EFR-527L-1A with Leather Band-1

Edifice EFR-527L-1A with Leather Band-2

Edifice EFR-527L-1A with Leather Band-3

Edifice EFR-527L-1A with Leather Band-4

EFR-527 Profile / Casio Edifice
Average Amazon Price: $100 (Official Casio Store on Amazon). Check the Price on Amazon →
Year of first release: 2013
Nominations: best design, best size
The most distinctive specs:
– 100-meter water resistance (good for swimming but not for deep diving)
– Stopwatch (Measuring capacity: 59’59; Measuring modes: Elapsed time, split time, 1st-2nd place times)
– Date display (adjustable, 31 days or easy manual correction)
– Solid Band (the band is made of solid steel elements)
Other colors and full specs: EFR-527 Wiki Page

Edifice EFR-527 Rating System

Battery Years★★



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