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[Live Photos] Edifice EMA-100 Marine Line

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Daver, New Jersey, April 25, 2013 – Casio America, Inc. announces the exit of the first model in the marine motif popular line of men’s watches with sporting spirit – Edifice. Of course, EMA100-1AV model gives a new turn to the whole collection, and stylish shades of blue on black design, features a nautical theme, you can call another feature of hours, in addition to water resistance to 200 meters, can boast an indicator of the tide schedule and phases of the moon.

EMA-100-1AV equipped with schedule moon phases and tides – a good tool for fishermen, surfers and beach excursions. Indicator of the tides can be found at a mark of 10 hours, when the moon phase display peacefully at position 4 hours.

Edifice EMA-100 Marine Line-1

Edifice EMA-100 Marine Line-2

Edifice EMA-100 Marine Line-3


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